Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Some Christmas thoughts.

Hello friends! How are you? I don't know about you, but I am so ready for Christmas!

The tree is up and decorated. The kitties wouldn't stay out of it at first, but now they seem to have satisfied their curiosity with it, and are staying out of it.

There's like 2 more presents to add to this, but that's it!

The gifts are bought and wrapped. They are not under the tree, however, because my kitties will shred them to pieces. They are attracted to both paper and boxes, so that just does not bode well for boxes wrapped in paper.

The little kids sang for "big church" on the weekend. They're so adorable :)

Today we had our cell Christmas party, which is actually the first one that I've been to this year. I've been invited to more, but I couldn't make them. We had a lot of fun. We played that game where you get the name of a person or a character on your back, then you have to go around and ask people yes or no questions to figure out who you are. I was Indiana Jones, and that was tough to figure out! We had snacks and stuff. I ate way too many desserts. Then the girls and guys split up, and we played pictionary with the titles of Christmas songs. And we had to actually sing the song for our answer to count. The boys were such cheaters - if they heard us say it before we started singing, then they would start singing. But we beat them hardcore :)

Sunday we went for a sleigh ride at my brother-in-law's girlfriend's house. Her family runs a farm where people go to get Christmas trees, and they can go for sleigh rides and stuff too. Fun times!

Me and my man (we weren't totally prepared for this, but it's the best one I got :P)

Starting tomorrow, our family gatherings are starting. First, supper at Chris' parents with my brother-in-law's girlfriend (because she's not coming to Edmonton with us). Saturday, my mom's side; Sunday, Chris' mom's side. Next weekend: Chris' dad's side, and with my family. Then we leave for Edmonton and have Christmas there with the rest of Chris' siblings! Busy, but so much fun. That's what I love about Christmas - spending time with family.

I hope that you all enjoy your holidays! Take time to relax and just breathe! And remember that the reason we celebrate Christmas is to remember all that Jesus has done for us!

xoxo Fe


  1. i am ready too :) and no pets this year so my parcels can sit under the tree prettily :)

  2. I'm not ready unfortunately :( But I love your lovely tree. And I also received your pretty pretty Christmas card today! Thank you x

  3. :o I didn't know you had a nose ring!!

    x Jasmine