Thursday, April 14, 2011

100th post & guilty pleasures giveaway!

So the reason I have been silent lately is not for lack of post topics, nor lack of time to post. I have been quite busy lately with some big things - I am graduating on Sunday! I have bought a house with Chris and we get possession at the end of next week! The snow is gone! I am getting married in 64 days! Life is just generally exciting for me right now.

The reason that I haven't posted anything recently is because I wanted to have a giveaway for my 100th post, and I needed to actually go get some things to give away! I have done so, and here it is!

Well, let's say this is a celebration of spring, of graduation, of getting married and buying a house, of growing up. My theme for my items was my guilty pleasures, things that make me happy.

Featured in this photo (which is what the lucky winner will receive):
- a pack of spring-timey stationery, because duh this is sometimes a mail blog.
- Confessions of a Shopaholic, the first of one of my favorite book series.
- Lindt chocolates, because I am addicted to them.
- Revlon nailpolish, because I am naked if my nails are not painted. And guess what else, besides being an awesome colour, this polish is also scented. Yes, that is right. It smells like strawberries when it's dry. I bought orange for myself. Yum :)

So that's it, ladies! (Even if guys did read my blog, they wouldn't want this stuff lol) Now for the rules:

You must be a Google follower to enter. I feel lame if people enter giveaways and never read the blog again. Come on, be nice. If you don't like the blog then don't enter the giveaway! I will take it personally. (I take everything personally.) But just to clarify, new followers certainly are most welcome!!

So with that in mind, all you need to do (providing you are a follower) is to leave me a comment with some of your guilty pleasures, as well as your email so I can contact you if you win!

Ah, but it gets better! You can get extra entries for doing the following:
- follow me on Twitter
- tweet about this giveaway
- blog about this giveaway

Leave a separate comment for each of these. If you blog about it, be sure to put the link in the comment.

The giveaway closes at 12:00 pm, April 28. This is open to everyone! This is my first giveaway, so I hope you will enjoy!


  1. Wow, wow, wow! So many cool things in this post! How exciting that you're graduating on Sunday! Congratulations! I expect photos, of course :)

    A house! Yay! Isn't buying a house one of the most exciting and scary things you've ever been through? When we bought our house I was terrified and giddy with excitement at the same time.

    And naturally, I am super excited for your upcoming wedding! :D

    100 posts is also super exciting. I'm only about half way there. I'm coming up to having a blog for a year though, so I'll be having a giveaway soon too!

    Some of my guilty pleasures are:
    - Long, hot showers (we have water restrictions here and sometimes I guiltily ignore them!)
    - Cheese and crackers
    - Reading the True Blood books on the train and wondering if people know what I'm reading, haha!
    - Stationery!!

    x Jasmine

    PS. Of course, I am a follower :)

  2. Happy things all over the place! CONGRATULATIONS on your graduation!! WooHoo, Felicia!! Ah, what exciting times for you. :)

    And, ohmigosh, I am in LOVE with Lindt Lindor chocolates! I love how it melts like mud in your mouth. (Not that I like to eat mud, mind you, but I have some kind of biophilia and I'm enchanted by the idea of being so close to smells and textures you find outside. Ok, now I've made myself so sound like a total weirdo. Sorry?)

    Some of my guilty pleasures are...
    - Moseying around on Pinterest. It's a curse.
    - Chocolates and ice creams for sure.
    - Earrings. I have a lot but I'll never have enough. It's awful.
    - Sleeping in. (Don't most people have this one?)
    - the Harry Potter books. I love-love-love them, but I feel a bit guilty hanging out with them because they aren't To Kill a Mockingbird or something like that.


    (And, yes, I'm a happy follower.)

  3. (Also, you've got some publicity on my blog.

  4. i like sophie kinsella's book. lindt chocolate sure is yummy. my guilty pleasure is ice cream. but, only having cravings on hot summer night.

  5. Finally you post this. I have been waiting. hehe. Such exciting things we are going through together, aaaagggghhhhh!!!
    My guilty pleasures....hmmmm.....
    1. Manuel :)
    2. Shoes
    3. Reality T.v.
    4. PEPSI
    5. YOU!!!!!!!! :)

  6. Congrats on graduating!! Its the very best feeling ever! Exciting about about your giveaway!! heehee.. I read your blog lots :)

    My guilty pleasures are...... hmm
    Chocolate Chip Banana muffins!
    American Idol.. haha
    Giving tons and tons and tons of kisses to my sweet baby!!!

  7. Well, chocolate, of course! And sometimes when I'm bored I settle down on the couch for America's Next Top Model re-runs . . .

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  9. I blogged about this! Here ya go:

  10. I tweeted about the giveaway! @CallieNicole7

    I really want to win. :-)

  11. Ummmm.... you have me with those lindt truffles.... O.O
    Also, I'm so intrigued by the nail polish!

    guilty pleasures... there will be a long list :D

    ridiculously long hot showers, anything with peanut butter + chocolate, big spoonfuls of nutella, youtube (charlieissocoollike, alex goot, sam tsui, joseph birdsong, neil cicierega... oh my, I'm such a youtube junkie!), a great and terrible beauty series, smelling old spice and axe in the grocery store, glee, drooling over vintage finds on modcloth and ebay. LE SWOON.

  12. I just found out I'm not following you on twitter. Problem solved. :]