Sunday, July 4, 2010

I saw the Queen!

But first, here are some pictures from my brother's grad last weekend...

Me and my siblings.

Estela (one of my bestest friends), me, and Chris.

My family. <3

So yesterday I went to the Forks in Winnipeg with my boyfriend. We had fun walking around. I bought a ton of postcards :D We walked up to the top of the lookout tower and this is what we saw.

We don't often take pictures of ourselves, but yesterday we took a few. I gotta show us off somehow ;)

We found these terrible "shades" (more like vision blockers) but doesn't Chris look fly in them?

...or maybe these are better?

They are building a human rights museum at the Forks, and I just love watching the progress every time I go. I thought these cranes made a good shot.

 As we walked along we heard some music, so we went to go listen. It was an orchestra (maybe the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra... I didn't catch who it was specifically). They played a piece from the Pirates of the Caribbean, among others. That made me happy.

I bought a new nose ring. Holy Hannah, did that ever suck putting it in. I kinda bent it outta shape too... I mostly fixed it by now.

As we sat and listened to the music, we heard an amazing announcement: Queen Elizabeth, the Queen of England, was on her way over to the Forks! We were actually witnessing the pre-celebrations!! We couldn't believe our astounding luck to just happen to wander over to hear the music, instead of walking straight to the car!

And there she is! Our best view was on the screens, but we did actually see her actual person! There were too many people between us and her for me to get a really good view, but I saw her!

See that pathetic arrow I drew? That's where she was! So I can say that I have seen the Queen! Awesome!

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  1. It is very cool that you saw the Queen :) I know how you feel about Tyrone's graduation. My baby brother is all grown up too!